Pasture Management

We have more than 50 acres of high quality turn out pasture land, directly accessible from the stableyard, via maintained gravel tracks and all field gates have hard standing areas off the grass.

All fields are fitted with wooden post and rail fencing and automatic water troughs in each location.

Supplementary electric rope fencing is used to allow for individual or group turnouts according to the horses requirements.

We aim to rotate field usage to allow for seasonal growth and even wear, and regularly re seed and organically fertilise the fields to keep them fresh and promote new growth.

All fields are regularly harrowed and rolled with our own tractors and associated machinery.

Daily checks of all fields with removal of any Ragwort, together with vacuum “poo Picking “ using our high powered “Winnie The Poo” machine, ensure that we can maintain our fields to the best standards possible and give the horses quality excellent turnout and grazing.

We grow our own hay on site, ensuring quality and availability for most of the year.

This is then supplemented with further high quality hay from our range of merchants to allow for good supplies all year round and kept in our large barn next to the stables.

“An exceptional 5 Star Horse Livery Yard in Surrey”